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Bare Metal Triumph Bonneville T140es

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Bare Metal Triumph Bonneville T140es

This one has been sitting on the shelf waiting for a break in the work load to start building.

We start with a 1982 Triumph Bonneville T140es   OIF  with matching numbers.


The plan is to build a cafe racer with a little of the style of Shinya Kimura, ie full bare metal everything and this is the first step, stripping off all the paint, with a wire wheel. It has to be a wire wheel as the process, part polishes the metal of the frame to the required effect.





As you can see we have modified the frame, adding a cross tube in the front down tubes and created a box section between the seat frame rails to house the electronics and finally we detabbed the frame of all unnecessary brackets.  The final thing … Read More »

Latest up date on Carbon Bonneville

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Below you can see the progress being made on the Carbon Bonneville bike, in place now is the rising rate rear linkage of a design so far found to be unique to Taimoshan Cycle Works and the tank has been modified and is taking shape ready to have carbon moulds taken.  Also you can start to see the start of the seat/trial section styling and construction.

In later post, you will see the Bonneville T140 ES  electric start unit that was acquired of ebay and is currently being refurbished and the “new” old stock lucas starter from a Norton Commando that will have the front housing replaced by a custom machined housing to mate it will the electric start unit.


Carbon Swingarm construction for Carbon Bonneville – step 9&10

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Step 9 – Machining of needle roller thrust bearing housing for swingarm pivot

In this section I will show that final machined product of the bearing housings that will be bonded into the ends of the pivot section of the carbon swingarm.  Each bearing housings contains a combination needle roller & ball bearing thrust bearing with inner sleave. This design will provide a low friction pivot joint.

here you can see the finished items with the bearings inserted ready for polishing then bonding into the swingarm.





Step 10 – Machining of the rear spindle carriers


These parts started off as 65mm dia FMA aluminium bar and were first machined on the lathe to the correct diameters and profiles and then set up on the milling machine and hand milled with a lot of care and patience into the final part which was … Read More »

Carbon Fibre Swingarm construction for Carbon Bonneville – Step 7

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Step 7: wrap carbon reinforcement of the whole section

In this post you can see part of the process of competing the Delta pivot mounts and further wrapping of the swingarm.

You will also see that I needed to provide clearance at the centre point of the swingarm as the swingarm would have fouled on the main frame at the expremities of the pivot range.  The clearance was provided by cutting out a section of the reinforced tube and then bonding in anouther piece of carbon tube that I had made earlier for this purpose.





Next post will include details of the machining of  swingarm pivot bearing housings and the rear spindle carriers that will be bonded into the ends of the main spas