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Honda CBX 1000 Cafe Racer – published on Wind-Blown.com

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Samurai 6 – Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer – published on Wind-Blown.com


Article and build specs still to come.


Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project


Honda CBX1000 – Fuel Injection Project

(with one piece carbon fibre (fiber) injector bodies)

Step 1: Design on CAD the desired trumpet shape with appropriate taper and length

Step 2: in the absence of a CNC machine I printed the CAD drawing 1:1 scale and marked of the dimension at 10mm intervals and marked them on the 76mm dia Alloy round bar stock ready for machining.



Step 3: due to the small size and age on my lathe the process of machining and then subsequent hand finishing and polishing took some 8hrs of machine time.




Step 4: Cut and lay up the carbon fibre sock material over the mandrel. ( sorry can’t show you all the ticks to the process )


Step 5: Wet lay the resin into the carbon and let cure.


Step 6: Part the Carbon piece from the mandrel and … Read More »