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Aprilia RS250 – Cafe Fighter intro

Posted on 12th April, by John_Pellew in Bikes for Sale, Cafe Racers, Current Builds. No Comments

The RS250 – Cafe Fighter Intro

Here we have one of the legendary Aprilia RS250’s set up as a dedicated race & track bike, with Fibre glass fairing, tuned pipes, pre-mix only and stripped of all unnecessary equipment such as speedo and lights

These bikes are built for speed and have the reputation as being one of the best handling bikes ever built as they can carry huge corner speed.

So you might as what you can do to customise these RS250’s , well many go with the Tyga body kit and or shoe horn in the or Gamma GR500 motor to make themselves an RS500, but I am not going down this road, I am planning something a little more extreme in the styling department.

The look I am after is what I am going to call a Cafe Fighter, a hybrid … Read More »