Samurai 6 – CBX1000 Hot Rod

The Samurai 6 – CBX 1000 Hot Rod Racer


As you can see from the sketch the “Samurai 6” is a serious hot rod bike, with the huge 6 cylinder CBX1000 mounted in a custom cafe racer frame & swingarm. This styling is 1970’s retro hot rod, but with all the best modern suspension and running gear, so Ohlins front end, twin discs, ohlins rear shocks, a one off  tank and seat.

As the bike came to life the styling changed a little to take some cues from the 70’s MV Agusta’s and a more classic looking front end, but still modern tech ie fork from a 1999 Honda CBR Firebade with full adjust-ability  and big brakes .




Photo Above: Latest addition are the Hagon 2810 adjustable shocks , custom built to run inverted to provide chain clearance on the drive side.  Also drum rear hub now fitted and rear wheel correctly spaced.  Finally the tank extension and the seat are taking a more final form and are now ready for final prep and to have  moulds taken and so a carbon seat unit can be made.


The bike now it its current for has a 1425cc big bore motor, with big valves, head work, custom grind cam, custom ali rods, a bank of 6 x  36mm Keihin CR Smoothbore special carbs, high perf starter, PowerArc triple spark ignition, heavy duty clutch springs to tame the 200 odd hp that it is making at the wheel.

The engine work was does by  Hugh at Robinson Precision Engines in Bathurst, NSW, Australia

The bike is a handful to ride with the current set up , so I have just started working on designing and building a hand made set of 6 individual injected throttle bodies and a microsquirt ECU , similar to the used on the Aprilia Super Cafe Racer.  I am hope that set up will give me a much lighter throttle , better ridability , beter fuel eco and more power…  big wish list.





If you’re serious about commissioning a bike like this one then please contact me on and we can discuss the finer details.