Nero Superleggera – 1955 Vincent Twin

1955 Vincent Nero Superleggera

This is a very special project, in that the entire bike will be built new from the ground up , including a brand new 1356cc Vincent Twin.

It is likely at the stage of the planning the the Twin will also be fuel injection , electronic Ign, Electric Start.  The engine will be pushing 10:1 compression and so the heads have been fitted with electrically operated decompression valve.

The engine is also in the process of be modified to accept HiVo chain driven cams , Belt drive, and a modern heavy duty clutch, surtees/quaife 5 speed box.  The engine its hi comp, big bore and 102mm stroker crank is expected to make about 120hp at the rear wheel and about 100 ft/lb of torque.

The frame being designed at the moment will retain the original 1955 head stock , the bike will also feature a custom monoshock  swingarm and suspension system.






Taimoshan-1955-Vincent-Twin-1356cc-Nero-Superleggera-TPV- Heads-01 Taimoshan-1955-Vincent-Twin-1356cc-Nero-Superleggera-03























This is one of the Vincent builds that is pushing the envelope of what is possible, this beauty is the project of my Vincent engine builder, Terry Prince