1940’s JAP Speedway bar hopper / sprinter

Details & sketches will be available soon for this commission.

The JAP Speedway bar hopper/sprinter will be based around a set new repro Brough Superior front cylinder and enclosed valve head mated to a set of rare  Magnesium alloy 84S short stroke J.A.P speedway crank cases , the engine will use  a 4B long stroke crank and carillo rod,  making about 630cc on top of that the engine will be decompressed to run a small roots type AMR500 supercharger on std pump unleaded fuel for the road. The engine should make 70+ hp at full noise.

This bike will be a bare bones bar hopper/sprinter  on a daylight UK reg, with a retro style rigid rear end frame, wide bars, sprung seat, small sprinting tank. NOT designed for long cruises in the countryside, but could be a huge laugh rumbling down Kings Rd in Chelsea in London to your favorite coffee shop.

Taimoshan-JAP-blown-Speedway-BSA- WM20-sprinter


If you are interested in finding out more about this build then please contact John Pellew :  john@taimoshancycleworks.com