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Suzuki GT550 – Brat Racer published on Inazuma Cafe Racer blog spot

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Suzuki GT550 – Brat Racer published on Inazuma Cafe Racer blog spot

The latest Taimoshan Cycle Works creation was recently published in the Inazuma Cafer Racer Blog , see link below for details

Honda CBX 1000 Cafe Racer – published on

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Samurai 6 – Honda CBX1000 Cafe Racer – published on

Article and build specs still to come.


Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project


Honda CBX1000 – Fuel Injection Project

(with one piece carbon fibre (fiber) injector bodies)

Step 1: Design on CAD the desired trumpet shape with appropriate taper and length

Step 2: in the absence of a CNC machine I printed the CAD drawing 1:1 scale and marked of the dimension at 10mm intervals and marked them on the 76mm dia Alloy round bar stock ready for machining.



Step 3: due to the small size and age on my lathe the process of machining and then subsequent hand finishing and polishing took some 8hrs of machine time.




Step 4: Cut and lay up the carbon fibre sock material over the mandrel. ( sorry can’t show you all the ticks to the process )


Step 5: Wet lay the resin into the carbon and let cure.


Step 6: Part the Carbon piece from the mandrel and … Read More »

Taimoshan Cycle Works moves to Sydney Australia

Breaking News:

Taimoshan Cycle Works has now moved from Cardiff in the UK , to Sydney Australia and is in the process of partnering with an industry leading engine performance builder and Honda specialist.

We expect to have facilities available in the early New Year to take on new builds, possibly earlier if the bikes are Honda CBX 1000, CB750 DOHC, CB750 SOHC

We will are also developing a range of performance production parts for the above Honda, so keep you eye out in the new year.

We will also be putting together some bike and engine build packages where we will arrange all the necessary shipping and return to most countries to give customers in other countries access to our new products and services.

If you would like to get in touch email   or call +61 417 894 663

New Ballistic “Lithium Ion” lightweight batteries Now Available from Taimoshan Cycle Works

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The latest in super light weight performance batteries from Ballistic Performance Components in the USA are now available

from Taimoshan Cycle Works in Cardiff.

There is a range of batteries for  the smallest scooter to the largest Harley.

Call John on  Ph 07952 717 215


 Performance Batteries

EVO2 50

4 Cell EVO2

8 Cell EVO2

12 Cell EVO2

16 Cell EVO2

Up to 80% smaller than the stock battery
Up to 10lbs Lighter than the stock battery
Service life of over twice a lead acid in similar conditions
Industry leading 3 year warranty
Designed, developed, and assembled in the USA
Completely “dry” technology so batteries can be mounted in any direction
Non-toxic, recyclable, and can be air shipped
Applications for powersports vehicles from 50cc – 2300cc
Tested extensively by professional race teams
Impact and water resistant
Works with the original equipment charging system
No trickle charger required, loses only 10% of … Read More »