1976 Suzuki GT550 Brat Racer ( For Sale )

1976 Suzuki GT550  Brat Racer – Triple 2 Stroke (For Sale ) 

Basically the idea for this bike came for a bike I have seen on the internet called the Honuki  which is a cafe racer X version of a Honda and a Suzuki, ie a lot of Honda parts wrapped around a very cool looking RAM AIR , triple cylinder, air cooled, 2 Stroke.

I kept my eye out on ebay , then just before Xmas 2103  I spotted a donor bike being sold in Melb on a no reserve auction, it was a piece of sh*t, if I am honest, BUT, it was cheap and I ended up winning it for $200… the trip from Sydney to Melb and back in the car to collect it cost me 4 x the purchase cost just in the speeding ticket and fuel!!

The idea was to build a true 1970’s retro metal flake brat racer, with all the best parts from the period not necessarily Suzuki, this is the final product.

( for photos of the build stages so Build Photo Section  )

Taimoshan-1976-Suzuki-GT550-Brat-Racer-01 IMG_2755[1] IMG_2758[1] IMG_2759[1] IMG_2760[1] IMG_2761[1] IMG_2762[1] IMG_2764[1] IMG_2767[1] IMG_2769[1] IMG_2770[1] IMG_2771[1]


If you are interested in this glorious GT550 and want to know the detailed list of specifications or you want more photos then please get in contact with John on   john@taimoshancycleworks.com   as the bike is almost complete and is for sale.