CBX1000 Cafe Racer – engine build

Posted on 16th March, by John_Pellew in Cafe Racers, Current Builds. No Comments

For those interested in the CBX1000 Cafe Racer Project, I now have an almost complete 2nd engine, which will be a hybrid of the Pro-link casings, crank & rods, Z head, barrels & pistons and pro-link gearbox internals & clutch, this will I have been advised give the best of both worlds, ie the HP of the early Z motors with the stronger clutch and drive of the later pro-link motor.

I have also been investigating that options re big bore kits etc, with a minimum of 1150cc , this in-conjunction with Z heads, some mild porting should put the engine in the region of 115hp.  If you wanted some serious muscle then kits out to 1425cc are possible, with power in the region of 160bhp and a suitable price tag to match.

The completed bike will have a target weight of 190kg Dry, trimming a whopping 60kgs off the weight of the Std bike, it will in-effect have the same weight & power to weight ratio as the early Ducati 916’s .

For those with serious interest in commissioning this bike, please email john@taimoshancycleworks.com to discuss terms.


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