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Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project – Update

Taimoshan Honda CBX1000 1425 carbon fibre fuel injection 04

Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project – Update

Latest update on the CBX fuel injection project.  Most of the hardware components has now arrived , see photo below.

Just need some time to start machining injector bosses, fuel rails, MAP take off nipples and the butterfly shaft housings that will all need to be bonded to the carbon injector bodies.

Once the components are fitted/bonded and the surface finish of the bodies is complete then the 2 x banks of 3 TB’s will need to be also bonded together.


Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project


Honda CBX1000 – Fuel Injection Project

(with one piece carbon fibre (fiber) injector bodies)

Step 1: Design on CAD the desired trumpet shape with appropriate taper and length

Step 2: in the absence of a CNC machine I printed the CAD drawing 1:1 scale and marked of the dimension at 10mm intervals and marked them on the 76mm dia Alloy round bar stock ready for machining.



Step 3: due to the small size and age on my lathe the process of machining and then subsequent hand finishing and polishing took some 8hrs of machine time.




Step 4: Cut and lay up the carbon fibre sock material over the mandrel. ( sorry can’t show you all the ticks to the process )


Step 5: Wet lay the resin into the carbon and let cure.


Step 6: Part the Carbon piece from the mandrel and … Read More »