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Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project – Update

Taimoshan Honda CBX1000 1425 carbon fibre fuel injection 04

Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project – Update

Latest update on the CBX fuel injection project.  Most of the hardware components has now arrived , see photo below.

Just need some time to start machining injector bosses, fuel rails, MAP take off nipples and the butterfly shaft housings that will all need to be bonded to the carbon injector bodies.

Once the components are fitted/bonded and the surface finish of the bodies is complete then the 2 x banks of 3 TB’s will need to be also bonded together.


Honda CBX1000 Carbon Fibre (fiber) Fuel Injection project


Honda CBX1000 – Fuel Injection Project

(with one piece carbon fibre (fiber) injector bodies)

Step 1: Design on CAD the desired trumpet shape with appropriate taper and length

Step 2: in the absence of a CNC machine I printed the CAD drawing 1:1 scale and marked of the dimension at 10mm intervals and marked them on the 76mm dia Alloy round bar stock ready for machining.



Step 3: due to the small size and age on my lathe the process of machining and then subsequent hand finishing and polishing took some 8hrs of machine time.




Step 4: Cut and lay up the carbon fibre sock material over the mandrel. ( sorry can’t show you all the ticks to the process )


Step 5: Wet lay the resin into the carbon and let cure.


Step 6: Part the Carbon piece from the mandrel and … Read More »

Taimoshan Cycle Works moves to Sydney Australia

Breaking News:

Taimoshan Cycle Works has now moved from Cardiff in the UK , to Sydney Australia and is in the process of partnering with an industry leading engine performance builder and Honda specialist.

We expect to have facilities available in the early New Year to take on new builds, possibly earlier if the bikes are Honda CBX 1000, CB750 DOHC, CB750 SOHC

We will are also developing a range of performance production parts for the above Honda, so keep you eye out in the new year.

We will also be putting together some bike and engine build packages where we will arrange all the necessary shipping and return to most countries to give customers in other countries access to our new products and services.

If you would like to get in touch email   or call +61 417 894 663

Bare Metal Triumph Bonneville T140es

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Bare Metal Triumph Bonneville T140es

This one has been sitting on the shelf waiting for a break in the work load to start building.

We start with a 1982 Triumph Bonneville T140es   OIF  with matching numbers.


The plan is to build a cafe racer with a little of the style of Shinya Kimura, ie full bare metal everything and this is the first step, stripping off all the paint, with a wire wheel. It has to be a wire wheel as the process, part polishes the metal of the frame to the required effect.





As you can see we have modified the frame, adding a cross tube in the front down tubes and created a box section between the seat frame rails to house the electronics and finally we detabbed the frame of all unnecessary brackets.  The final thing … Read More »

CBX1000 Cafe Racer – engine build

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For those interested in the CBX1000 Cafe Racer Project, I now have an almost complete 2nd engine, which will be a hybrid of the Pro-link casings, crank & rods, Z head, barrels & pistons and pro-link gearbox internals & clutch, this will I have been advised give the best of both worlds, ie the HP of the early Z motors with the stronger clutch and drive of the later pro-link motor.

I have also been investigating that options re big bore kits etc, with a minimum of 1150cc , this in-conjunction with Z heads, some mild porting should put the engine in the region of 115hp.  If you wanted some serious muscle then kits out to 1425cc are possible, with power in the region of 160bhp and a suitable price tag to match.

The completed bike will have a target weight of … Read More »

Completion of the carbon seat & part painted

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A couple of preview pictures of the finished carbon seat unit and the part completed paint scheme / layout.

At the time of writing the seat has been sent to the Upholsterer and should be completed on Monday

When finished this bike will be for sale – serious inquiries email




CBX 1000 Cafe Racer Frame build – pt3

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In this short series of pics you can see the addition of the  oval swingarm and the templates for the head mounts for the engine.




If you would like us to build you are bespoke CBX Cafe Racer or another type of cafe racer of your dreams then please drop John an email at

CBX 1000 Cafer Racer Frame Build – pt2

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Taimoshan CBX1000 Cafe Racer Frame 04

Following is a series of shots of the heavy weight 6 cylinder CBX1000 engine having been shoe horned into the lightweight seamless tube Taimoshan CBX1000 Cafe Racer frame





If you are liking what you see in this build and you want your own,  we are happy to design a new build around the same frame, if so then please email john at

CBX 1000 Cafe Racer Frame build – pt1

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Taimoshan CBX1000 cafe racer frame


After a slow start to the build the frame is coming together nicely. Below is a series of pics of the frame & swingarm being setup in the frame jig ready for welding.

In the next post you will see how to  shoe horn a big 6 cylinder CBX1000 motor in a small frame, this is going to be one stunning cafe racer.




If you are interested in own a brutal but stunning CBX1000 Cafe Racer like we are building for this customer please drop us an email at





CBX 1000 – Cafe Racer – Intro

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The CBX 1000 Cafe Racer is a bike commissioned by a customer in Australia after reading about Taimoshan the Super Cafe Racer in an Australian motorcycle publication.

As it happened this customer had a couple of Pro-link CBX 1000’s  sitting in his garage waiting for a little magic.

Above we have an early rendered sketch of the bike design, very much along the lines of the famous Honda RC 161 & 166, 6 cylinder racing machine of the factory honda race team, but in a much more brutal form, as these early RC racers were only 250cc.

The frame is a one off custom cafe racer style frame, designed especially for the  102kg, 6 cylinder engine and will in the “super cafe racer” style have the most modern up to date front suspension and monster twin disc brakes albeit mounted to 17 inch … Read More »