Llandough Flyer-Ducati 860GTS Cafe Racer ( 860SS )

“Llandough Flyer” is a Ducati 860GTS bevel that was given a facelift to 900ss spec & styling.




Everyone knows that the Ducati 860GTS was a bit of an ugly duckling, certainly not Ducati’s finest work.  What I wanted was to re-style this bike into something that looked like a factory prototype that  never went into production.  The idea was to lose the ugly bits and make may subtle tweeks to bring out the the inner Ducati beauty. The Image below is what I had to work with, a pretty plain and pedestian commuter Ducati with a lot of original bits missing.







Frame: Ducati 860 GTS, de-tabbed with heavily modified rear sub frame , with the addition of a rear hoop.  frame was stripped and re-painted in gloss black

Engine: std internals,  serviced,  externally cleaned and polished covers,  Carbs stripped, cleaned, tuned and rebalanced.

Front end:  Std Ceriani forks, polished fork slider, rebuilt internals.  Yokes ( top & bottom polished )

Brakes: std front brake calipers, however the fork legs were swapped left to right to position the calipers behind the legs as on modern bikes

Exhaust: std exhaust retained and chrome polished as in excellent condition.

Bars:  Clipon race bars fitted, with new repro triumph twin’s cast alloy switch gear, polished. New guages fitted.

Headlight: std headlight retained, but mounted on new polished cast alloy mounts, the headlight position has been lower a number of inches to give the bike a much more streamlined headdown look.

Seat unit: repro Imola single seat with zipper and hump compartment. Repainted in-house by TCW to match the std Ducati 860 tank.

Rearsets: New alloy Torazzi rearsets fitted along with a folding kickstart lever of a japanese trailbike.

Wheels: polished flanged Arkont alloy rims

Rear guard: Stainless rear guard cut, shortened and repositioned  to still give weather protection but improve the lines of the rear of the bike.

Other: Original Green fuel hose sources and fitted.  This was originally and electric start motor, but at some point in the bike’s life the electric start mechanism was removed.


If you have a cafe racer project in mind and you need some help then please contact me at john@taimoshancycleworks.com to discuss