1981 Honda CB750 Brat Racer – The Green One

1981 Honda CB750 Brat Racer (The Green One)  




This is the second of the pair of Honda CB750 Brat racers destined for Dubai, again the design would be heavily influenced by the work of the Wrenchmonkees of Denmark and CRD  in Spain.

This time around the chosen donor bike was a 1981 Honda CB750 FB .

The design of this bike was to be black, black and some more black with a splash of colour and WOW did that work for this bike!


Owner:  Dubai

Specs: 1981 Honda CB750 FB

Frame: chopped, braced and re-shapped in-house. Basically we chopped the tail off, re-positioned the seat frame rail,      braced the back of  the frame hoop and raised the back of the tank by about 2.5inches to straighten out the lines of the bike from commuter/cruiser to racer.  The frame was completely stripped, blasted chopped and repainted in satin black

Engine: Std internals , externally the engine was shot blasted and the whole motor was painted in satin black

Exhaust: Custom stainless 4-4 exhaust made in house by TCW, fitted with open black powdercoated reverse megaphone end cans and black exhaust wrap.  This really increased the breathing capacity of the std motor, this bike is seriously loud, but not in an offensive way but more your classic Honda GP racer way.   See the youtube video to hear the sound.

Carbs: factory Keihin CV carbs, heavily modified and rejetted to match to new exhaust.  Anyone that has fitted pod filters to a CB750 or 900 for CV carbs will know what I am talking about when I say it is virtually impossible to get the things to idle, that in combination with the open 4-4 pipes really was a real challenge to tune, in fact we have to richen up the primary and main jet by just under 20%. Gives you and idea of how restrictive the OEM pipes were.  After re-jetting there is a noticeable increase in power and throttle response.

Forks: Std units, stripped, rebuilt and repainted,

Rear end:  Std shocks, stripped and powdercoated

Brakes: Std OEM  with Venhill braided lines

Wheels: Factory Comstars, stripped, blasted and powdercoated in Satin black, rebuilt with new bearings

Tyres: Coker Diamonds

Paint & graphics: designed by customer , metallic Aston Martin green, white pinstripe and satin black boot mark.

Seat unit: custom fabricated my Taimoshan Cycle Works ( TCW )

Bars & Controls: Renthal Ultra Low bars, factory racing grips, modern switchgear, mini speedo

Electrics:   Modified Cb750 loom, to integrate the modern switch gear and to hide all the wiring out of sight.

Lighting: 8 inch Millar repro headlight, micro LED indicators

Battery:  Ballistic EVO2  8 cell 15ah Lithium Ion lightweight race battery, mounted in custom battery box under swingarm

This bike is virtually a new bike with almost all parts either being reconditioned or replaced.


If you are interested in a bike like this then please get in touch via email john@taimoshancycleworks.com to discuss